2022 Newsletter 1

Hi guys!

Welcome back to one of my slightly unnecessary but somewhat useful and entertaining newsletters!

Here’s some detail as to what we have been working on…

Latest Listings:

Some recent highlights from our listings channels include:

We realise these channels have been a little quiet recently, but fear not, there are plenty of very exciting things to come - more details below!

Modding work:

Working Ladders:

With our continued collaboration with Marcus and the team at London Studios, we have nearly completed the script that will allow full functionality for working turntable ladders and aerial ladder platforms! This will be totally configurable, allowing us, and other developers, to make most, if not all of the aerials in the UK, and American spec ones too!

We have planned for this:

Estimate a couple of weeks until release!


Adam and I have made strides towards getting our Station 7 replacement into game, but also with added detail! 

We are planning on removing the car park behind where the current station sits, to allow us to create a large and detailed training centre, featuring a burn house, a training tower, an RTC area and even a train carriage for railway training! (Could be used in conjunction with police training too!). More WiP pictures of this will be posted soon!

Whilst we are still some way away from completion, we have made progress with learning the conversion process, and also are now able to dedicate more time to this! We are all very excited for this, and will aim to bring this to you as soon as we can!

Other Development work:


Thanks to Lew, we now have a website! This is a perfect arena to showcase our models more clearly, and give you all the details you need about them in a cleaner, more organised way. We understand the Discord can be a little cluttered and that scrolling up and down through one showcase channel can be time consuming and unclear - this is all solved with the website! Lew posted this in #announcements recently, so check that out for more details and the URL!

This means the listings channels as you know them will disappear, as all details contained there are now on the website! Please use this to browse from now on! 

Actual purchasing of models will still be done through tickets in the Discord so that we can vouch for people.

Other stuff:

There is a sale on! 10% off until tomorrow (Monday) to celebrate the launch of our website! Get your hands on some of our models for less!

We now have set in stone the discount prices for bulk purchases - 10% off for any purchase that totals above £100! Perfect for your multi-buy needs!


In other news, I have rediscovered a love for Fifth Harmony and their music - can highly recommend their hit single, “Work from Home” feat. Ty Dolla $ign.

Cya later.

H.Ash and the rest of the Alien Modding Team

2021 Newsletter 4

Hi guys! 

I’m back with another one of these fantastic documents. I missed the Q3/4 switch by a month, so this document will hopefully cover just to the end of the year!

New team members:

First and foremost, Will, Adam, Lew, Steel and I would like to formally welcome Jessica and Jack to the team - these two fantastic individuals are both very talented in the modelling department especially, with Jess being able to convert and all that too! 

We are all very excited to be working with them, and I hope we can complete more projects as a result!

Modding work:

The listings channels are growing by the week pretty much, do check out what’s new in them!

As for the future, we have a lot planned, and quite a bit in the works already!

Some new listing highlights include:

In our WIP:

In our plans: 

Other stuff:



That’s all for this newsletter, I hope this is a useful update/insight into our work.



2021 Newsletter 3

Hi all!

Been a while since I’ve done one of these, but here we are! This is what I plan to achieve over the coming weeks!

Basically, my first and foremost plan is to enjoy the summer by trying to rest mentally and physically, whilst enjoying personal life stuff like club cricket etc.

I will obviously be doing modding too!

Custom orders:

Custom orders will close at some point again, for the simple reason that it is quite stressful for us and not really enjoyable. Having them closed also allows us to work on models for everyone rather than just clients. 

One idea I have had is to make much better use of the suggestions channel, hearing what you guys want. In that sense it’s a “custom order” because it may not be something we have thought of!

See below! 

Surrey pack stuff:



As you may remember, I was planning on doing an LFB Merc Atego mini-pack, which was before I found out that all the old Ategos are being replaced, so I would rather wait and see what the future is with that. I know PLR are already going to do the new FRUs for instance, so we will see.

I also have the Humberside FRS ALP modelled, this needs texturing and converting. If anyone is confident with making the remembrance livery on this, then please get in contact with me!

I am very keen to learn two/three new things over the summer, these being:

MLOs (remember the station I have modelled👀)

Non-ELS (many options with that)

Custom dirt mapping and other things for added detail to our mods!

On that note, if anyone knows anything about those three things, about where I can learn them, or someone who can teach etc, then please get in touch!

We are still working on making movable and climbable aerials, this is naturally an incredibly complex thing and requires lots of work. We are trying!



2021 Newsletter 2

Hi all,

Below are the details of what I am looking to complete in the coming weeks!

It should be noted that, as with many others, I have A-Level assessments in the summer, from c.5th May - 30th May. This will naturally affect the speed at which I can complete models and the like. Please therefore don’t get concerned if I am quieter from now until then, I will be revising and working towards that, or if models don’t come out when you think they might.

I will try and continue lots of the things below though!

Surrey Scania Collection:

Surrey FRS Scania ALP (EJ15 OVP) 

Surrey FRS Scania Water Carrier (EN65 BYX) 

Surrey FRS Scania Rosenbauer AT (EY68 VNF) 

Surrey FRS Scania L32-XS TL (EO15 RYV)

Surrey FRS Scania Pump (EU12 FHK) 

Surrey FRS Scania Driver Training Unit (KX17 BXJ)


Surrey FRS BMW X3 Officer’s Car (LJ65 BUE)

Surrey FRS BMW X3 Pool Car (LJ15 BVA)

Surrey Unimog Mini Pack:

Surrey FRS Mercedes-Benz Unimog Wildfire Truck (AJ58 PXD)

Surrey FRS Mercedes-Benz Unimog MRV/ART (AE64 GMG)

London Fire Brigade Mercedes Atego Collection:

LFB Mercedes-Benz Atego Brigade Command Unit (WX07 EEM)

LFB Mercedes-Benz Atego Operational Support Unit (AE07 HXK)

LFB Mercedes-Benz Atego Hose Layer Unit (WN60 AYC)

Bronto Skylift Collection:

West Sussex FRS ALP Bronto Skylift F32-RLX (WX67 CWT)

Humberside FRS ALP Bronto Skylift FL45-XR (YN69 YFS)

Hertfordshire FRS ALP Bronto Skylift FL45-XR (EF17 XKG)


Learn to do MLOs, then:

Leatherhead Fire Station (with generic option)

Guildford Fire Station (with generic option)

The Surrey Scania pack should be done soon-ish, it is all modelled and only 3 more models require converting! 

The LFB pack was a recent idea of mine, and I look forward to modelling those three things soon. The other bits will follow suit.

I know many have been asking about the stations - I must warn that these are a way off being in game, as it relies on me learning to do either MLOs or YMAPs. 

I am also experimenting and looking at ways to make both the ALPs and the TLs listed moveable/climbable, even if it isn’t total movement control. I am pleased to say me and Adam have made good progress on this, and hopefully will be something to look forward to! 

Also, some of these models will be for free release, I haven’t decided which yet, but I might do a poll with some choices. 

As always, do keep an eye on the #work-in-progress and #our-showcase channels for updates on these things.


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