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Sinner's Mod Shop was formed in January 2021 by BigLeighLeigh & Surya. Sinner's Mod Shop has grown from 0 members to nearing 1500 members in the space of a year. We pride ourselves with the hard work and dedication we put into our products and services.

- Our Mission is to bring realistic EUP mods to the GTA 5 community at an affordable price for everyone.

- Check out our YouTube Channel and other social pages and support us on those platforms aswell.

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From Su and Myself, we want to thank everyone who has supported us through 2021 and we look forward to the journey ahead in 2022.

Police MP

PoliceMP is a British-based FiveM Roleplaying Community, Unlike traditional Roleplaying servers you might be used to PoliceMP’s primary focus is on the Metropolitan Police Force. It provides a unique PvE experience previously only found in singleplayer mods such as LSPDFR. 

All players start as PCSOs but with some hard work and dedication you can find yourself quickly moving through the ranks; taking to the skies in NPAS, protecting London’s streets from terror as AFO, keeping our roads safe with RPU and much much more! 

PoliceMP was built from the ground up by a couple of mates who simply wanted to play LSPDFR together, since then its popularity has skyrocketed and after many years of continuous development it now hosts nearly 1000 unique members on its Discord. With a dedicated team of Developers, and strong rank structure, PoliceMP is the perfect community for everyone, from the casual player, to the seasoned veteran. 

We partner with leading community Modder's to ensure we bring the best experience to our player base and ensure only the best features make it in game. 

PoliceMP Offers: 

- Unique in-house assets and scripts. 

- Dozens of custom 4K vehicles using our custom in house 4k pattern. 

- Fully fledged callout, radio and uniform systems. 

- Opportunities in other Emergency services such as NHS and LFB. 

- Dedicated staff teams of Moderators, Trainers and Developers to assist you at every stage of the process and ensure everything runs smoothly. - Regular server-wide planned Group Patrols, Events and Operations. 

- A custom website, with dozens of high-quality guides, and useful information. 

- Streamer, and content creator friendly, with access to custom vehicles, assets and more to approved content creators. 

- A friendly, welcoming and active community of like minded players. 

- Custom Fleet of cars for all division's 

Be a force for the community, Join PoliceMP today: 


South Eastern RPC is an upcoming FiveM Roleplaying Community set in Waterford in the Republic Of Ireland. 

Our team at South Eastern RPC has a wealth of experience in all areas. Our goal is to create the best community environment for all of our members. At South Eastern RPC we have equal opportunities for all of our members. South Eastern RPC is completely community run. We rely on our members on a daily basis for decision-making, funding, and support. This is an extremely important factor in the development and future of our community. 

We have many opportunities for all of our members in South Eastern RPC. We offer the following roles: 

Within these roles there is many opportunities to advance into specialist units! 

At South Eastern RPC we require all of our members to be 16 years of age upon applying. 

Join our Public Discord Server now to learn more about our community: 

You can also check out our website here: 

We hope to see you join us on our journey! 

South West RPC

SouthWest Roleplay Community 

SouthWest Roleplay community was founded in 2021 by a knowledgeable and confident command team, SouthWest is a community that strives for excellence as well as wanting to make a secure and reliable place for all those with a passion for the emergency services. Along with this the community takes great satisfaction in assuring that the command team within the community are both experienced as well as having the understanding of what a command team needs to run a successful community. 


- 15 years of age or older we do not make exemptions for this 

- Have a working microphone 

- Have a legally purchased copy of GTAV (If applying for an in-game role)

Departments within the community:

- SouthWest Fire & Rescue Service 

- SouthWest Ambulance Service 

- Force Control Room 

- Civilian Operations

What do we offer:

- Custom EUP 

- Custom Fleet 

- A range of different stations for all divisions 

- Custom/Bought Scripts 

- Force Management System (FMS) by Albo1125 

- No activity requirements

- Ability to dual clan

If you are wanting to find out more about the community please do not hesitate to open a ticket and our HR team will be happy to assist you 



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