Terms of Service

Terms of service:

By visiting and purchasing from Alien Modding, you understand and agree to the following terms and conditions as stated below in this policy.

All packages purchased are final as all sold items are virtual goods and not redeemable or usable in the real world. Due to this, we operate a no refunds policy. Unless there is a serious fault with the model and you can prove you have wiped all copies from your devices and devices you have access to.

We accept Monzo or direct bank transfers as our method of payments. Some, although few, of our models are available through PayPal.

 Part 1:

1.1 - Attempts to bypass or break our refund/chargeback policy by engaging in a chargeback will result in a permanent ban from Alien Modding and will result in a removal from other Discord servers.

1.2 - We retain full access and control of services and contents of the purchasable goods and packages in our store. We may edit or refine to work differently any product or service sold through this group. We may edit things upon your request however this is to our discretion. 

1.3 - It is important to note that when purchasing from Alien Modding, you are purchasing rights to use our models, not purchasing ownership of said models. Consequently, you have no right to redistribute our models in any way, shape or form. This includes between team members, servers or in general. Any breach of this will be met with a Cease and Desist letter followed by DMCA notices or equivalent, which are legally binding.

1.4 - We do not take any liability for our online goods being sold by third party users. The third party sale of our services including contents of the purchasable goods and packages in our store will result in a permanent ban from our group and others around. We will take legal action should any products Alien Modding has made are leaked, ripped, unlocked, released or financially gained from or modified by yourself. 

1.5- You may however edit the texture dictionary should we provide consent for you to do so.

 Part 2:

2.1 - All products are sold for the game GTA V. It is up to you if you decide to put them into an add on of GTA V. We are not obliged provide models directly for 

“FiveM”, or in a “FiveM-ready” state. 

2.2 - At the moment, the vast majority our British/European models are sold as “ELS” models. We offer one British/European model as "non-ELS". Our American models are non-ELS though! 

2.3 - We reserve the right to decide what happens to our services. 

2.4 - We reserve the right to modify prices of models. 

2.5 - Please give us time to fix any issues you have with models, as opposed to just slating our name or leaving a review because that’s easier to do. Naturally we cannot be perfect but are capable of fixing issues that arise.

We cannot offer refunds for products that are proven to work correctly.

Part 3: 

3.1 - We do not have to agree to exclusivity and we will always aim to only have a short period of exclusivity should the buyer request it. The exclusivity service does also cost a fee.

Alien Modding will not enter into any NDAs regarding exclusivity, or any other similarly legally binding documents.

3.2 - We are not responsible for setting our models up for any external scripts i.e “Smart Ladders”. We may offer support however we are confident our models work with the script in question so it is up to you to install correctly.

3.3 - We do not allow assets to be reused in another community beyond the one provided to us in your purchase ticket, please contact us first and we can discuss instances of this on a case-by-case basis.

3.4 - Alien Modding is in no way affiliated with FiveM, nor should it be considered a company endorsed by FiveM. (edited)

Part 4: 

4.1- We have no tolerance, patience nor time for stupid, unnecessary or ill-thoughtout questions. If you ask one, you can expect a sarcastic and/or brutally honest response from the Alien team.

4.2 - Please refrain from dreadful banter, poor modding talk or the typically stupid or rude arguments and insults that plague British modding. There are countless other servers where this is deemed more acceptable or even indirectly encouraged. Alternatively, consider DMs, or going outside. 

Anything deemed part of this by any member of the team will be dealt with accordingly.

Permanent Invite Link: https://discord.gg/ScWwb6zDTE 

Website Link: https://www.alienmodding.co.uk/

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